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Spy On Crypto Audit Solutions

Spy On Crypto is a blockchain technology and audit firm.

Spy On Crypto aims to develop solutions that allow investors to stop being scammed on crypto-currencies.

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Safe & Secure

We deeply analyze the smart contracts under the doing the line by line 2-stage audit and cover the smart contracts with tests when developing for our clients



Audit reports with the recommendations how to fix the bugs and mitigate the risks delivered in

~ 10h up to 6 days



At spy on crypto, we know how difficult it is to find an auditing company willing to help new projects grow faster while keeping the trust of its investors and funds for marketing purposes.

That’s why starting price for our audit service is $1000.

This makes it one of the most attractive offers currently available.

In order to develop the usefulness of the $SPYON token to its maximum, through the buyback system, before deployment, we offer smart contract auditing services.

60% of the revenue from paid audit will be directly reinjected in the buyback system

1. Unit tests passing, checking tests configuration (matching the configuration of main network);
2. Compilator warnings;
3. Race Conditions. Reentrancy. Cross-function Race Conditions. Pitfalls in Race Condition solutions;
4. Possible delays in data delivery;
5. Transaction-Ordering Dependence (front running);
6. Timestamp Dependence;
7. Integer Overflow and Underflow;
8. DoS with (unexpected) Revert;
9. DoS with Block Gas Limit;
10. Call Depth Attack. Not relevant in modern ethereum network 

11. Methods execution permissions;
12. Oracles calls;
13. Economy model. It’s important to forecast scenarios when a user is provided with additional economic motivation or faced with limitations. If application logic is based on incorrect economy model, the application will not function correctly and participants will incur financial losses. This type of issue is most often found in bonus rewards systems.
14. The impact of the exchange rate on the logic;
15. Private user data leaks.

Spy On Crypto offer 2 audit packages, Standard and Express.

The main difference between the two is the audit delivery time: 

By requesting the express audit spy on crypto guarantees to deliver the audit within 3 days

the standard audit will be delivered in 6 days

Audits are done analyzing the code for all the above mentioned vulnerabilities.

All audit reports includes all the risks and issues identified with recommendations on how to fix them. 
At the end final report states that the project is safe and granted the security status because of zero vulnerabilities identified.

An audit can be posted publicly by default in our channels, however we can make it private in case of high severity issues or your disclosure policy

We provide a free one round recheck of the contract after you fix the bugs according to our recommendations, without changing other parts of the code

Price varies starting depending on the number of the lines in the code and complexity of the contract

Standard Audit : 1000$ delivered in 6 days
Express Audit : 1250$ delivered in 3 days

Yes, you can publish the report made by us in your channels according to your disclosure policy

Yes, you can publish the report made by us in your channels according to your disclosure policy

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- Source Code / Smart Contract Adress
- Direct contact (Telegram, Whats app ...)
Time Response
- 1 to 2 working days
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